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Few things are as personal as lingerie. Our lingerie starts our day with us; it should be soft, comfortable, and effortlessly sexy, and—ideally—reflect our values for ethics and sustainability.

The problem is that truly sustainable lingerie is hard to find, and we’re here to change that.

With us, you can build your foundation for a more eco-friendly wardrobe from the inside out (literally).


Raising Money for Womens Causes

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Giving Deadstock Fabrics a New Lease of Life

Sustainability is sexy! We use environmentally friendly and ‘rescued’ surplus fabrics that would have otherwise gone to landfill, and our mission is to switch to using mostly recycled nylon yarns in the near future. Due to our small size, this is not always possible at this point in time, but we’ll get there one day! Our big goal is to be almost as sustainable as going commando!

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Ethical Manufacturing is a Must

Y&B is a female-owned business. Mission is to empower every woman and female identifying person that comes in contact with our brand, from customers who love and support our brand to the people that make our pieces. Our lingerie is produced here in the UK is very small quantities. 

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No Waste Policy

Our lingerie is produced in very small quantities to minimise our impact on the environment. Unlike most other brands, we never destroy any of our returns or dead stock items. Instead, we give it away to women’s shelters and charities. It’s the right thing to do!

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Sustainable Packaging

We don’t use plastic packaging at all. 


  1. Make sure you wash your lingerie in a Guppyfriend wash bag, which not only protects your delicates but also keeps microplastics from entering the water table (and eventually our food chain!).
  2. Extend the life of your garment with proper care: Hand wash cold, flat dry. 

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