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Stimulate your senses with our range of premium quality sexual lubricants and love potions. Just add lube to enhance sex.

Wetter is better, and that’s a fact. Our irresistibly intimate, this super-slick multipurpose water-based lubricants enhance glide during sensual massage and intimate play. We believe everyone should try lube at least once. Slather you lover’s body with a bit of lube and enjoy erotic intimacy during massages or sex. Whether it’s with your partner or with your faithful sex toy, the most important thing on a sexual encounter is to play and have fun. You may have heard about flavoured lubes, water-based, silicone-based and so many more. But on this occasion we want to go beyond that
But, what if you add new sensations, even more pleasant, with the use of a warming or cooling water based and oil based lube? Both types of lube (warming and cooling) can be compatible with the use of a condom if they are water-based.

Sexual arousal gels stimulate your clit.

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