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20-30% of the carbon-footprint of clothing takes place after it’s been bought. As a consumer, you have the choice to opt for quality over quantity. It feels good to know your fabrics, invest in evergreen pieces, and be considerate about how you wash your (under)garments.

Ideally use a washing bag for your intimates when laundering them. This protects the fabric and minimizes the risk of damage to delicate items. 

Repeat after me: I will treat my lingerie with respect. 

Washing in cold water (no warmer than 30 degrees) is better for your pieces. Using cold water helps protect colour fading and uses less energy at the same time. 

We recommend you to not tumble dry your items, and instead let them dry naturally.



We know it’s a drag, but the surest way to make your lingerie last is by hand washing.  Just make sure not to catch the fabric on your jewellery! 

  1. Dab any stains with mild soap and water and gently rub.
  2. Soak with a delicate detergent or lingerie wash for a few minutes, working suds gently into the fabric, and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if needed.
  3. Very gently squeeze in your hands to remove excess water
  4.  Press against a towel to remove some more of the water
  5. Hang to dry

This will make your lingerie last longer.


The next best option is to machine wash on cold or gentle cycle, but beware that this might affect the longevity of your lingerie. Use a lingerie bag for best results.  

  1. Place intimates in your laundry bag and zip, don’t forget to hook your bras together to avoid snagging it on other clothing.
  2.  Wash on cold to preserve fabric elasticity and colour vibrance.
  3. Hang to dry (Heat from the dryer breaks down the elastic and spandex, making them fall apart sooner).

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