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pros and cons of wearing bralettes
Lingerie 101

Pros and Cons of Wearing Bralettes

With the dramatic rollout of the vaccine of our dreams, the vibe of 2021 so far is very much centred around freedom – and the same can be said for our underwear! For a stylish yet comfortable way to let the girls loose, swap out your traditional bra for a chic bralette. But before you burn all your underwire bras; here’s everything you need to know about the pros and cons of bralettes:

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is not wearing a bra bad for you
Lingerie 101

Go on, go bra-less

Whether it was a push up, a padded or an underwire in question, many of us have been told to entwine our clasps and whack on a bra, to prevent breasts, flip-flapping in public, and the innocent greetings of erect nipples. Having even a strap on show, is a ghastly crime to many, and to whom we say, “Good, it was expensive!”

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How often should I wash my bras and bralettes?

10 wears for jeans. One wear for socks. 3 wears for sweaters. We all know the ins and outs of the unspoken rules of laundry when it comes to our outer clothes, but what about our underwear? Some women argue that you should wash your bra after each wear, while others say washing your bra after multiple wears is fine, when it comes to finding a nice balance between the two, we’ve got your back…

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Bralette Styles

When it comes to lingerie, it’s important to know your stuff. Whether that be to avoid the frosty, intimidating countenance of the exclusive sales assistant in the store when you don’t know the difference between Brazillian and Hipster cut panties; or to get accustomed with different bra shapes to make finding the one that works best for your boobs a walk in the park. The point is, we could all do with some savoir faire on the topic of lingerie terminology.

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How to store bras and knickers

Going to the store and buying lingerie might make you feel like Carrie Bradshaw on crack. But let’s face it, the truth is that buying gorgeous, delicate lingerie just to stuff it into your overflowing underwear drawer at home just doesn’t cut it. We all ask ourselves the question of what we keep in our underwear drawer, but the all-important ‘how’ often comes up amiss.

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Do Bralettes Cause Sagging?

For some women, the bralette is simply seen as a cute, dainty accessory bra that can be incorporated into pretty much any outfit with the right planning. These women will have no problems with wearing a bralette every day, I mean, if it’s cute why not right? But for other women, it’s not quite as simple, the lack of underwire, and reduced support offered by a bralette often leaves women with a bigger bust wondering whether it’s the right accessory for them.

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