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Everything you need to know about mesh lingerie

When it comes to information about lingerie, we know it can get confusing, with all sorts of terms like ‘backseam’, ‘waspie’ and ‘fencenet’ coming up, it can be hard to know where to even start. Today, we’re here to talk to you about one of the unsung heroes of the lingerie world, a type of lingerie so reliable it might as well be in your bag at all times. Here’s everything you need to know about none other than mesh underwear!

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Bra Fit issues And Solutions

For many women, not wearing a bra every day is just not an option. So when your bra doesn’t fit right, and you can’t seem to figure out why, it can be really uncomfortable and frustrating. I’m talking about the type of uncomfortable that’ll make you want to go home. Because of this, many of us find that we’re shopping for bras with a hit and miss attitude. We’re not sure how the beautiful bra we’ve been eyeing up in the store will hold up in the long run, but we hope it’ll go well.

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Knicker fit issues and solutions

Let’s face it, we all have that pair of underwear, you know… the one we continually go back to the same store to buy in batches of 5 because we’ve fallen in love with its fit? Well, just like that one ex you can’t stop drunk texting; it’s time to say good riddance to old patterns! Here are two amazing solutions to make sure that every pair of panties you buy has the perfect fit.

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Is it healthy to sleep naked?

Sleep forms a huge part of our lives, without it, we literally could not function. For some of us, sleeping comfortably and getting our 8 hours a night is the difference between a nice productive day, and the day from hell. As well as a healthy and happy mind, Sleep also forms none other than the core nucleus of making sure our physical bodies are taken care of.

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Knicker Shapes and Styles

When it comes to lingerie, it’s important to know your stuff. Whether that be to avoid the frosty, intimidating countenance of the exclusive sales assistant in the store when you don’t know the difference between Brazillian and Hipster cut panties; or to get accustomed with different bra shapes to make finding the one that works best for your boobs a walk in the park.

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How To Measure Yourself For a New Bra

Anyone who’s found The One knows that a good bra is essential to feeling and looking great. It can improve posture, reduce back pain, make your clothing look better, and at the very least, make you feel more confident. 

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Skin-Friendly Lingerie Materials

Lingerie takes countless different forms. No matter how you may want your lingerie garments to look, what’s important is how they feel. The last thing anyone needs is lingerie that irritates their skin, causes breakouts and whatever else. This is why it is vital to choose lingerie made of material that is good for you and your skin.

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