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How To Measure Yourself For a New Bra

Anyone who’s found The One knows that a good bra is essential to feeling and looking great. It can improve posture, reduce back pain, make your clothing look better, and at the very least, make you feel more confident. 

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Skin-Friendly Lingerie Materials

Lingerie takes countless different forms. No matter how you may want your lingerie garments to look, what’s important is how they feel. The last thing anyone needs is lingerie that irritates their skin, causes breakouts and whatever else. This is why it is vital to choose lingerie made of material that is good for you and your skin.

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How To Take A Bra Off With One Hand

There’s a reason you’re here. You’ve been in a steamy situation; lips locked, her breasts in sight. You couldn’t wait to unleash them and then, you fumbled at the clasp. It was all going so well until you ruined the sexy and booted the moment out of sight.

Fear not, here you can learn how to pop the bra open- not with two hands, but one! Did someone say smooth operator? Me neither, but they will once you’ve read until the end.

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Why Opt For Bralettes With Minimal Support?

The bralette is often noted as bigger on style than support, with lace, halter and strappy options available. They often replaced uninteresting fabric and unsightly straps with pleasant designs that complement an outfit. This, however, doesn’t mean that they can’t be a great choice for women of all sizes.

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Bye, Generation Bra: Unstructured Bralettes FTW

In recent times, it may have come to your attention that more people are snapping off their bras in exchange for bralettes. But why?
Bralettes are a hybrid garment – a halfway point between the vest top and the bra, designed to have less structure than the standard bra but provide comfort to one’s chest. 
Bras, on the other hand, tend to be more structured – they’re designed to give more support and elevation to the breasts.

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